"Radical Rubber" Farben

E10 - Electric Rose E30 - Electric Blue E50 - Electric Lilac M10 - Metallic Red M100 - Metallic Black M110 - Metallic Platinum M120 - Metallic Electrum M20 - Metallic Old Gold M30 - Metallic Green M40 - Metallic Blue M41 - Metallic Peacock M50 - Metallic Purple M60 - Metallic Fuchsia M70 - Metallic Silver M80 - Metallic Pewter M90 - Metallic Honey S121 - Nightshade Blue S131 - Chocolate S170 - Mannequin S31 - Medical Red T10 - Translucent Natural T20 - Translucent Pink T30 - Translucent Olive T40 - Translucent Smoky Black T50 - Translucent Blue T60 - Translucent Lilac s10 - Black s100 - Sand s110 - Mid Blue s111 - Royal Blue s120 - Light Blue s140 - Bubblegum Pink s150 - Lilac s160 - Baby Pink s180 - White s20 - Plum s30 - Red s40 - Claret s50 - Orange s60 - Yellow s70 - Olive Green s80 - Natural Green s90 - Jade Greens125 - Turquoise


"4D" Farben

Translucent Yellow Red Dark Green Violet Translucent Mauve Translucent Red Dark Cherry Translucent Cloud Gray Neon Pink Neon Orange Neon Green Neon Turquoise Pearlsheen Blue Pearlsheen Bronze Pearlsheen Gold Translucent Green Pearlsheen Pale Blue Pearlsheen Leaf Green Gray Pearlsheen Old Rose Light Brown


Struktur & Print Farben

Silver Black Leo Gold Black Leo Shanghai Leo Blue Leo Pearl Leo Red Leo Translucent Smoky Leo Translucent Leo Leo Pewter Leo Red on White Leo Violet Leo Red on Trans Blue with Gold Glare Pink with Blue Glare Violet with Gold Glare Bubbles Pink Bubbles Black Black Chocolate Chocolate Milk Taxi Blue Chocolate Translucent Chocolate Gold Gold Chocolate Silver Chocolate City Black City Blue City Gold City Blue on Pink City Red City Red on Trans Croco Black Croco Purple Croco Gold Translucent Damas Black Damas Blue on Silver Damas Blue Damas Silver Damas Blue on Pink Damas Black Damas Purple Damas Gold

Gzella Black Gzella Blue Translucent Gzella Black Dragon Black / 0,6 mm Lava Black Lava Blue Black Lava Gold Lava Gold on Red Gold Moire Translucent Lava Pink Moire Translucent Lava Moire Violet Moire Lava Black Red Lava Black Silver Lava Smoky Lava Blue Red Moire Rubies / 0,6 mm Saphires 0,6 mm Reptile Skin Translucent Scales Gold Scales Gold Scales Silver Scales Pink Snake-2 Purple Snake Gold Snake Purple Snake Silver Snake Burning Snake Silver on Red Snake Smoky Snake-2 Silver Snake-2 Black Tweed Black / 0,6 mm Tweed Blue / 0,6 mm Tweed Red / 0,6 mm

Spaghetti Blue / 0,6 mm

Spaghetti Red / 0,6 mm

Pyramids Black / 0,6 mm

Iminpriso Black

Iminpriso Blue

Iminpriso Smoky

Circky Black

Circky Purple

Circky Smoky

Drugs Black

Drugs Blue

Drugs Smoky

Drugs Purple

Galstones Purple

Galstones Black

Galstones Blue

Galstones Smoky

Zhoston Black

Zhoston Blue

Zhoston Smoky

Interference Black

Interference Blue

lacelike Black

lacelike Blue

lacelike Smoky

Honyco Black

Honyco Blue

Honyco Smoky

Rabica Black

Rabica Smoky

Carbon Black

Carbon Blue

Carbon Smoky

Polaris Black

Mix Black

Mix Blue

Mix Purple

Roses Blue

Diago Black

Diago Blue